Preparation and characterization of imprinted zeolite-Y for p-cresol removal in haemodialysis

Rumah Ginjal - In this work, the novel imprinted zeolite (IZ) was synthesized, and its properties and performance in terms of adsorption of p-Cresol, which represent the protein-bounded uremic toxins in aqueous phase under phosphate buffer saline, were studied and compared with the synthesized zeolite-Y (ZeoY-S) and commercial CBV 100 zeolite-Y (ZeoY-C).The ZeoY-S was synthesized from sodium aluminate, NaOH, H2O and SiO2 under aging for 24 h at room temperature and hydrothermal condition for 24 h at 100 °C, with an initial composition of 10SiO2:Al2O3:4Na2O:180H2O.

Incorporation Of Imprinted-Zeolite To Polyethersulfone/Cellulose Acetate Membrane For Creatinine Removal In Hemodialysis Treatment

Abstract Polyethersulfon (PES) membrane has been widely used in the biomedical field especially in hemodialysis application. Many modifications of membranes have been applied into hemodialysis such as diffusion, adsorption, and mixed-matrix membrane. The main problem of those membranes is less selectivity to attract the uremic toxins. In this study, we report the modification of PES mixed with cellulose acetate (PES/CA) membrane as mixed-matrix membrane (MMM) using imprinted-zeolite (PES/CA/IZC) in order to increase the selectivity for targeted analyte. The hollow fibre membranes (HFM) were fabricated by dry-wet spinning technique.

[Tanya Dokter] Cuci Darah hanya melalui mesin?

[Rumah Ginjal: Tanya-Jawab] Apakah cuci darah itu hanya melalui mesin cuci darah saja? Dokter : Tidak. Untuk membuang racun yang menumpuk di dalam darah akibat dari kerusakan ginjal, dapat dilakukan dengan 2 cara, yaitu menggunakan mesin yang disebut dengan Hemodialisa, dan yang menggunakan cairan yang dimasukan lewat selang ke dalam perut yang disebut dengan Peritoneal Dialisa.  

A Study on iPTH Normality in DM Non-DM Status Among Hemodialysis Population in Surabaya, Indonesia

Rumah Ginjal -  Introduction: One could speculate that dialysis patients in the developing countries differ in their biological character normal values from those in the developed countries, including the iPTH profile. Various studies reveal that iPTH level variety in dialysis patients may change according to the patients' characteristics, such as Asian race, and the presence or absence non‐diabetes mellitus (DM) and DM status. The objective of this research was to study various iPTH normality in DM‐non DM status among hemodialysis patients in Surabaya.

Apoptosis Index Between Females and Males in Regular Hemodialysis

Rumah Ginjal - Abstract Many reports have documented apoptosis index in hemodialysis patients, but to date, no single study has directly compared the apoptosis index of males to females. Data on mortality rate among hemodialytic patients in the hemodialysis center at the Department of Internal Medicine Dr Soetomo General Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia show a high number predominated by female patients.